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Policygenius Pro leverages Policygenius’ award-winning product shelf, proprietary technology, and unique integrations with top carriers to streamline insurance coverage logistics for financial advisors, independent agents, community banks, credit unions, and more to get their clients the coverage they need.

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"Policygenius Pro has revolutionized the way independent agents and financial advisors talk about and engage with life insurance. Our streamlined fulfillment process along with our expert team of agents has turned term life insurance into a positive experience for our partners and their clients."

Frank KumpurisHead of Policygenius


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Brooke Niemeyer

Associate Director of Media Relations

“Policygenius is a force multiplier for me. With all the tools at their disposal, their ability to get medical exams done, track down attending physician reports — that’s a huge hassle taken off my plate. I don’t have to hire someone who has to incessantly call and track down APSs. I can literally save a full salary and benefits package and re-deploy that somewhere else.”

Andrew W. Financial Services Executive

“We’ve developed a strong partnership with Policygenius and truly value their dedication to client experience. They’ve demonstrated great attention to detail and delivered innovative solutions that help our clients find the right coverage for their financial goals.”

Tyler S. Director of Strategic Initiatives

“Prior to partnering with Policygenius, we had considered discontinuing our life insurance offering. Now, we feel confident that the client is receiving a quality deliverable from beginning to end while our firm can continue focusing on their comprehensive financial planning needs.”

Kevin B Managing Partner & CFP

“We’re thrilled to have a situation where we can sell life insurance without being burdened by the backend support that needs to happen.”

Keith Wallace Partner

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