Building a successful term life insurance practice in 2022

Ask any term life insurance industry veteran and they’ll tell you straight up: it’s a tough business and a hard way to make a living. But if you can do it right - if you can find the right message and deliver solutions people really need - you can do very, very well for yourself. While we’re not seeing the crazy rates of growth we saw during the first two years of the pandemic, the opportunity is still very much there. Growth rates have hardly declined from 2021. And as we enter what is likely to be a cycle of recession, having a solid product with the right message for this moment seems to make a lot of sense.

Most people that enter the business as agents don’t stick it out. Stats suggest that the overwhelming majority of first-year insurance agents aren’t going to be around for year two. That’s not hyperbole. That’s the reality from a federal bureaucracy that has zero reason to be partisan (read the paper to get the actual stats).

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For those agents and financial advisors that see the long term vision and are prepared to put in the work, learning to sell term life insurance could be the right move to retain agency/advisory growth and momentum over the next 12-24 months. That’s one of the reasons we’ve pulled together a new paper on Building a Successful Term Life Insurance Practice in 2022. In practical language both veterans and new agents can understand, we take an open and honest look at the opportunity right now for term life, we review the headwinds the industry is facing as we come out of the pandemic years, and provide what we feel - as experts that live and breathe term life insurance every day - practical advice on what we feel agents and advisors should be doing right now to effectively sell, market, and service a viable term life practice. Part of success, we believe, requires a more effective and efficient operational and administrative support model. Case managers today are facing massive workloads with little relief in sight. 

Effective partners like Policygenius Pro can help. Through our agent-assisted model, agents and advisors can shift the post-sale operational administrative load to Policygenius Pro’s massive team of industry experts. Let us handle application processing and the scheduling of medical appointments while you and your team focus on what you do best: building and maintaining customer relationships.

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